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Nexsys Wraps Up Successful InsureTech Conference

Business as usual is more like business unusual in 2020 – especially when it comes to industry conferences. But that hasn’t stopped Nexsys Technologies®.

We set up our virtual booth at InsureTech Connect’s ITC Global 2020 conference with one mission: Spread the word about how Nexsys Clear HOI℠ can help lenders and insurers cut the cord on outdated homeowners insurance verification processes.

Mission accomplished.

“We had some great networking opportunities, and the discussions we took part in with potential clients were extremely constructive,” Sassoon added. “The insurers I met with were very interested in how Clear HOI can streamline their homeowners insurance verification processes. So, while overall booth ‘traffic’ was different from what we’ve had in the past, the professionals I met were incredibly enthusiastic about how our platform can help them. We’re going to see some very positive results from our attendance at the ITC virtual conference.”

Clear HOI allows verified lenders to retrieve current insurance policies instantly. It automates third-party requests and creates consistency in communication. It sends policy information using the same format every time, eliminating potential data input errors and other delays. Not only that, insurers can always be confident that the consumer has provided consent for sharing their information. All this happens within moments, versus days; and all information is secure through an industry-leading encryption process and cloud-based technology.

Three of the top five U.S. insurers already rely on Clear HOI, and several other carriers are coming aboard. Nexsys maintains a 25% market share, and that’s sure to grow in the coming months.

Find out more about Nexsys Clear HOI and how it can help your homeowners insurance verification processes. Contact us for more information or a demo today

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