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DataVerify Joins Growing Nexsys Clear HOI Integration List

We’re proud to add yet another integration to the Nexsys Clear HOI℠ team!

DataVerify®, a leading provider of data verification, risk mitigation and workflow automation services, recently announced they’ll be integrating the Nexsys Clear HOI platform into their processes. That’s great news for DataVerify clients, who’ll now be able to get instant homeowners insurance (HOI) verification through our groundbreaking digital technology.

This integration greatly expands what we can offer to our customers,” said DataVerify President Brad Bogel. “Automating what have traditionally been manual steps in the lending process is our mission at DataVerify and this integration does just that. It will help our customers increase efficiency and reduce the overall timetable of the lending process.”

Prior to the launch of Nexsys Clear HOI, mortgage lenders were required to contact each insurance company individually to request insurance verification data. This cumbersome process could delay loan processing by several days. Now, insurers can integrate with our platform to automate their HOI verification process, and lenders can instantly pull evidence of insurance without phone calls, faxes or concerns about manual-input errors. The integration with DataVerify will allow their clients to instantaneously access HOI information directly from a single data source.

Since the launch of Nexsys Clear HOI in 2020, insurers and lenders alike have been excited about cutting the cord from manual HOI verification processes. In fact, three of the top five property and casualty insurers have already integrated with the platform! Insurers who integrate with the platform can eliminate all manual lender handling processes, which lets them free up agents’ time and communicate to lenders with consistency. For lenders, the platform lets them instantly and seamlessly connect with insurers and virtually eliminates the chance of manual-input errors.

“We have had great response to Clear HOI since it was introduced, and we believe lenders will find even more reasons to leverage it with the DataVerify integration,” said Nexsys EVP Mike Lyon. “This is a critical tool that significantly modernizes and simplifies the mortgage experience.”

Ready to Streamline Your HOI Verification Process?

Insurers and lenders: Nexsys Clear HOI can verify homeowners insurance at digital speed. Find out how you turn an outdated, manual process into just a few keystrokes. Contact us today and request a demo!

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