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Patent Makes Perfect for HOI Verification Process

On July 4, a strategic patent protecting a key element in the Clear HOI℠ process was secured. This patent gives our lender clients a more streamlined experience when obtaining homeowner insurance (HOI) verifications.

Clear HOI allows lenders to instantly confirm policy coverages and modify the loss payee on existing policies. With Clear HOI, lenders can save valuable time and resources during the verification process by connecting with participating insurance carriers.

The patent, number 16/405,889 issued by the USPTO, covers this part of the process for our lenders and their clients: it protects the mechanism that gathers and exchanges information so that lenders can verify property coverage before loaning against it, as well as help with their clients’ efforts of finding a new policy if needed.

Clear HOI is a great example of how we strive to do more for our clients. Securing this patent helps us protect the benefits of this tremendous resource. Good work, team!

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