The homepage of the Nexsys website on the monitor of a laptop computer in a contemporary home office setting.

Big Changes for the Nexsys Brand

You may have noticed that our website and our brand appearance had a little “work” done. Okay, a LOT of work done.

But we’re not shy about it. In fact, we’re excited that we can finally share it with you.

Welcome to the new Nexsys Technologies® website! Here you’ll find all the Nexsys information you need, updated with a modern design and packaged in an easy-to-use format.

“We’re always focused on keeping our products and platforms intuitive and innovative,” said Nexsys Technologies EVP Mike Lyon. “This time, we focused on the Nexsys brand – our logo and our website.

“As a company, we’ve grown past our initial FinTech start-up phase into a company that’s rapidly grown to meet and exceed the changing digital needs of the industry,” he added. “But we’re still a young company, with fresh concepts and ideas. Our new image and website had to embody all those factors. And I think we did a pretty terrific job.”
Nexsys icon "glitching" from the old version to the new version

Getting down to the specifics, we changed the official Nexsys colors from our orange, green, grey and white palette to one featuring deep blue, vibrant green and black (with occasional cameo appearances by contrasting hues). Not only is it eye catching, our new palette continues our website’s compliance with Americans with Disabilities Act (ADA) guidelines for readability. Our official typeface and logo are changing, too. We updated those to a slab-serif font that complements our new look.

Don’t worry. We’ll still have the same Nexsys know-how, voice and tone you’ve come to know and love. Because in this crazy world of change, some things just have to stay the same.

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