Nexsys Clear Path

Connect. Control. COLLABORATE.

Use Nexsys Clear Path to fulfill title and closing, appraisal and mortgage insurance services better than ever before.

  • Connect to thousands of providers in real time within one system.
  • Optimize your order quality, speed and pricing.
  • Save time and reduce noncompliance risk using automation.
  • Discover the best possible outcomes with full industry analytics.
Adapt and Communicate in Real Time
Change allocations, request quotes and exchange documents instantly.
Access the Network Effortlessly
We work with your LOS to find the easiest connection.
Simplify Your Origination Process
Control the logistics of ordering title and closing, appraisal and mortgage insurance.
Title and closing

Title and Closing

Transform your business efficiency, security and insight.

Fully Compliant with All TRID Regulations

Help ensure your compliance after TRID amendments.

Collaborate with Multiple Settlement Agents

Manage all orders and sync up while staying in your LOS.

Get Real-Time Order Details and Accurate Pricing

Integrate for secure and timely resolutions.

Be the Smartest Lender You Can Be

Gain holistic knowledge for optimal business decisions.



Coordinate and measure your AMCs confidently.

Connect With Ease to GSEs

Submit to UCDP and EAD far more efficiently.

Optimize Your Load Balancing

Connect with AMCs and place orders directly within LOS.

Set Automatic Allocations Your Way

Control highly customized order routing preferences.

Become Smarter With Each Order

Check historical transaction details to perfect your KPIs.

Family with roof over head

Mortgage Insurance

Have the right insurer every time.

Get Real-Time Price Comparisons

Browse confirmed quotes for both LPMI and BPMI.

Connect With Every Major Provider

Use one marketplace for the entire industry.

Automatically Control Your Process

Real-time allocations set up your way.

Scale Your Business Intelligently

Adapt to the market with industry-wide analytics.