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Clear Sign makes mortgage closings more efficient, effective and (dare we say) enjoyable!*

* Individual results may vary. Celebrate all digital closings responsibly.

Nexsys Clear Sign

What if you could…

  • Easily connect with a digital mortgage platform that’s designed for you and works with your existing partners.
  • Have a digital platform that evolves with your needs and the changing digital closing environment.
  • Drastically decrease disbursement delays.
  • Decrease your mortgage closing expenses.
  • Enhance the cybersecurity protecting your mortgage closings.
  • Increase consumer and partner satisfaction.
  • Perform a digital closing from any location at any time.
    • (Daytime, nighttime, from the office or the beach, in a suit or in your sweatpants – we won’t judge. If you have a solid connection to the World Wide Web, you’re good to go.)

Now you can, with Nexsys Clear Sign!

Clear Sign is a secure online closing platform that connects consumers with notary signing agents for an outstanding digital closing experience. What makes Clear Sign different from other digital closing platforms is that it was developed by a FinTech company staffed by mortgage industry experts. It’s specifically built for the real estate  industry – it’s not a one-size-fits-all digital signing package from a company who doesn’t know mortgage closings from mini marts.

Clear Sign Works with Your Current Mortgage Partners

Nexsys knows you want to work with your current partners. With Clear Sign, you can use your own providers, or we’ll connect you with our network of mortgage professionals.

Designed Around Your Digital Needs

Do you have unique digital closing platform needs? Whether you are looking to only electronically sign a portion of the closing documents (Hybrid Digital Closing) or if you want to electronically sign all documents, either face to face (In-Person/IPEN Digital Closing) or remotely (Remote/RON Digital Closing), we’ll work with you to develop a scalable system that not only fits your current requirements, but can also grow and evolve with your business.

Flexible? We’re the yogis of digital mortgage closing. (Figuratively speaking – don’t ask us to do that downward-dog thing. It’s awkward.)

Contact us today and learn how Clear Sign can transform your digital closings. Namast-e.

Nexsys Remote Online Notarization (RON) Coverage

The information provided on this website and the map contained therein is the property of Nexsys Technologies, and is not intended to constitute legal advice; instead, all availability information on this site is for general informational purposes only. The information provided in the map may not constitute the most up-to-date legal information. Any reliance upon such information presented is at the sole risk of the user and under no circumstances will Nexsys be liable for such reliance. If you have questions in regard to legality of Remote Online Notarization in any state, you should consult with an attorney with knowledge of such states’ laws and regulations.

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Digital Closings Explained


The Clear Sign Experience


Digital Platform Designed for Mortgage Closings

Clear Sign was built from the ground up to serve the specific needs of the mortgage industry. It’s scalable; supports Hybrid, In-Person and Remote digital closings; and can be used with your current partners.

Reduce Mortgage Disbursement Delays

Clear Sign keeps the closing train on track by eliminating the chance for missed signatures and other critical information. The signing agent and consumer can’t continue the closing process until every I is dotted and T is crossed.

Increase Your Online Security

Clear Sign incorporates multiple layers of security that traditional closings can’t match. It enables signing agents to make smart decisions before the closing begins and produces an audit trail afterwards.

Increase Partner and Consumer Satisfaction

Whether it’s a Hybrid, In-Person or Remote digital closing, Clear Sign gives the signing agent all the tools needed for a seamless transaction. Done deal, done right.

Lower Your Mortgage Closing Expenses

Reduce the paper, printing and travel expenses associated with traditional mortgage closings. Go digital, go Clear Sign, save a tree and save some cash.

Clear Sign. Clearly, a Better Way to Sign

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