Nexsys Clear HOI℠


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Nexsys Clear HOI provides lenders Evidence of Insurance at their fingertips – via web or LOS integration – with industry-leading encryption and security.  Our patent-pending software also allows insurance agents and staff to reduce frustrating and time-consuming effort when providing Declaration Pages to lenders.

Join a robust network of leading insurance companies in our cloud-based digital solution to transform your operation and stay competitive!

Nexsys Clear HOI
Mortgage Concept


One-Stop Shop for Insurance

Create better experiences

Offer a marketplace that empowers your clients to self-serve their quote comparison when working within a lender’s client platform. It’s faster for you and awesome for them.

Reduce human errors

Rekeying the Evidence of Insurance can cause delays and increase costs. Be happier and more efficient while our APIs pull the data for you.

Provide updates reliably

Convey insurance changes using one portal in real time to any insurer within the network.

Homeowner's Insurance Concept


More Business, Less Logistics

Access the hottest leads

Showcase your brand during a seamless buyer experience that prompts future homeowners working within a lender’s client platform to visit your website and buy a policy.

Optimize your workforce

Let us automate external third-party requests and other rudimentary tasks that burden your agents. Eliminate processes and expenses that don’t generate business for you.

Communicate with consistency

We’ll ensure that policy information is sent to lenders in the same format every time to help eliminate potential errors in data input and other delays.



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