Nexsys Conquers Tech Conference Season

The Nexsys road crew has been cruising in high gear, wrapping up a slew of successful conference appearances (Digital Mortgage 2019, MBA Annual 2019, and QL TechCon 19, just to name a few). They shook hands, took names, did demos and had a great time connecting with the crowds.

“We knew this ‘Tour de Tech Conferences’ would generate a lot of interest in our platforms, but we were blown away by just how many people were in our booth at every ...

people sitting on bench on devices

Nexsys Vaults to the Top of the eClosing Charts

10,000 eClosings in four months! That’s all it took for the Clear Sign℠ platform from Nexsys Technologies® to become the No. 1 eClosing platform based on Mortgage Electronic Registration System (MERS) registered notes.

Nexsys reached that milestone on August 7, 2019. To put that in perspective, they started out with 45 eClosings in April. That kind of exponential growth has put a smile on the face of Executive Vice President Mike Lyon. “When we started putting together Clear Sign, we knew ...