Working Smarter, Not Harder, in the Mortgage Industry

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2020 Hindsight Leads to 21st Century Innovation

Hey, mortgage process – yeah, we’re lookin’ at you. While other areas of the real estate industry embraced FinTech innovation, you stayed in the slow lane. You were fine with your faxes and stacks of pen-and-paper documents. After all, they worked well for you in the past.

Right up until they didn’t.

2020 brought with it a critical need for the industry to move from slow-roll traditional in-person closings to future-focused digital alternatives. And to do it fast! Nexsys Technologies® was there to help. Nexsys Clear Sign℠, a digital signing platform that increases the efficiency and safety of mortgage closings, was already on the scene. But we didn’t stop there. We created Nexsys Clear HOI℠, a digital platform that transforms homeowners insurance verification from a process that traditionally took days to one that can take only seconds!

Mike Lyon, Executive Vice President of Nexsys Technology, recently spoke with CIO Applications about Nexsys’ innovative solutions. Read what he had to say here.


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Nexsys Technologies® is a FinTech company founded by mortgage industry gurus and dedicated to delivering smart, innovative solutions. Our mission – provide streamlined and reliable tools to make mortgage closings more efficient, effective and (dare we say) enjoyable for everyone.
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