Nexsys Conquers Tech Conference Season

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The Nexsys road crew has been cruising in high gear, wrapping up a slew of successful conference appearances (Digital Mortgage 2019, MBA Annual 2019, and QL TechCon 19, just to name a few). They shook hands, took names, did demos and had a great time connecting with the crowds.

“We knew this ‘Tour de Tech Conferences’ would generate a lot of interest in our platforms, but we were blown away by just how many people were in our booth at every single event,” said Nexsys Executive Vice President Mike Lyon. “To say we stayed busy is an understatement – and it’s the best kind of busy to be. Bring it on!”

Digital Mortgage 2019 marked the unveiling of the Wizard of Nexsys campaign, which grabbed the attention of many attendees. But what really got them talking was the tech behind the curtain. The Clear Sign℠ eClosing platform garnered a lot of interest, especially from attendees located in remote areas where traveling between closings can be time and mileage intensive.

“We spoke to agents who cover Alaska, Hawaii and Utah who were very interested in what Clear Sign could do for them,” said Nexsys Clear Sign Product Manager Jonathan Mallinga. “Even in those remote areas, Clear Sign’s eClosing capabilities can support transactions as long as they have a reliable internet connection.”


Clear HOI℠, Nexsys’ new platform for verifying homeowners insurance, also generated a lot of buzz. This product connects insurers with mortgage lenders to streamline the process of sharing homeowners insurance information. It frees up agents’ time by automating third-party requests, and lenders can access insurance information in a matter of seconds, versus days. Plus, everyone involved in the transaction can communicate in a fast, consistent manner.

“We got a particularly warm reception from folks in loan origination systems,” said Elan Sassoon, Nexsys Product Manager for Clear HOI. “They see a great deal of value in this platform and know that we’re the only company doing this type of integration. We’ll be doing a lot of follow-up with them in the weeks to come!”

What’s next for the Nexsys road crew? It’s back to headquarters for a while to catch up with all the requests that came in from their travels. Then, they’ll be ramping up for 2020 as they work on the next generation of Nexsys innovations!


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